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Do not neglect your Hernia swelling

Our abdominal organs are covered by protective layers of peritoneum, muscle, connective tissue, and fat in the belly. Each element has a specific location and function. These layers can become compromised in the abdomen, making it simpler for organs to move out of their natural location.

What is Hernia?

It is a bulge caused by fatty tissue (omentum) or an internal organ, most commonly your intestine, pushing through a weak spot in the abdomen. This bulge may begin small, but it gradually gets larger over time. Not all the hernias will demand surgical attention immediately but it is always best to consult your doctor, since they can get obstructed resulting in a health emergency.

Why do Hernias appear in our body?

There are many reasons which can lead to formation of hernias. Here is a list of few :

  • Unstable and improper heavy lifting
  • Being overweight (obesity)
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Smoking
  • Chronic constipation that causes repeated abdominal straining
  • Coughing or sneezing on a regular basis
  • Abdominal weakness at birth
  • Previous abdominal surgery
  • Pregnancy

What Happens if You Neglect a Hernia?

Symptoms of hernia might include pain during physical activity, pain while sneezing or coughing, constipation, alongside discomfort and a visible or palpable bulge. Hernias are most commonly found in the groin, navel, or near a pre-existing abdominal scar.

Ignoring a hernia or failing to seek treatment can lead to more serious consequences such as  intestinal blockage (intestinal obstruction), which in turn can result in gangrene of that intestinal segment. This can prove life threatening.

An intestinal obstruction occurs when the herniated bowel is squeezed to the extent where regular waste cannot escape; in this case, the hernia is ‘obstructed hernia’ (imprisoned or trapped). As mentioned earlier, this is a life-threatening condition. Furthermore, when such obstruction occurs, the blood supply to the projecting tissue is cut off. This tissue will die if it is not supplied with blood. This necessitates emergency surgery.

Hence, one should try to prevent such complication and emergency situation by treating a hernia in time. A General Surgeon is the right person to guide you more in this context.

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